Window Spraying

We take pride in protecting our client’s property, so the first thing we do is cover the wall around the uPVC frames and the glass inside the windowpanes to protect from the spray.

Our uPVC window spray painting solution uses the latest in uPVC paint technology. The process allows the paint to fuse to the plastic rather than just sticking to it, ensuring it will not crack or peel when the frames shrink and expand due to changing temperatures throughout the year.


• Premium Quality, Durable Finish
• Full Range of BS & RAL Colors
• 10 Year Warranty Available
• Resin & Pigment Technology
• Extremely Fast Drying
• Internal & External Surfaces

The paint is a flexible yet highly durable polyurethane coating for all uPVC plastic products. It is touch dry in about 10 minutes and is fully cured in a few hours, depending on the weather conditions.

We can take out any windows with handles from the frame before the spraying as this will provide a better result. Removing the windows prior to spraying allows us to mask them fully and enables us to get into all the gaps. We can also match the silicon around your window to give it an excellent finish.

We can spray uPVC soffits and fascias to match the colour of your windows. We can also spray your cladding to match your windows or a divergent colour of your choice to finish the look.

Choosing to change the colour of your uPVC windows with ADI paint spraying can save you up to 80% compared to the costs of replacing your uPVC windows, which can be very expensive, and we offer a 10-year warranty.

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