Door Spraying

If you are looking to restore or change your uPVC door’s appearance, ADI Spray Painting Ltd has the solution. Some of the advantages of respraying your doors are that the service costs a fraction of the new door’s price, and the doors don’t need to be removed, saving you time and money! So if your doors are in good working condition and need a facelift, why replace them?

We offer a fast, efficient door spray painting service to our customers to restore the uPVC doors and make them look new, including external and internal doors. Our specialist will visit your property and carefully ensure surface areas are masked, protected, cleaned, and prepped before the respray. You can choose from chic grey to eclectic red, and the choice is yours as you will have over 100 colours to choose from our colour chart.

One of the most cost-effective ways to improve your doors is by spray painting a new finish, and this can save up to 80% of the cost of replacing. We provide on-site spraying service to all types of uPVC doors, which means we can complete the work faster, and no building work means no mess and no disturbance to your home or your next-door neighbours.

The uPVC paints we use have the most advanced paint mixtures that bind to the uPVC rather than just to coat, allowing the finish to survive harsh winters and hot summers without splitting, flaking, peeling, producing a premium finish. The paint is UV stable, flexible, and extremely tough, backed by 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. The best way to revitalize the image of your home is by spray painting your uPVC doors.

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